Duke DREAM Campaign

Duke DREAM Campaign

The Duke DREAM (Developing Research Excellence in Anesthesia Management) Campaign was established to support Duke Anesthesiology’s research programs and initiatives. As implied by our motto, we empower great minds to turn dreams into reality.

By encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit, unfettered imagination, and unchecked ambition, the DREAM Campaign inspires Duke Anesthesiology faculty and provides them with the wherewithal to achieve great strides in the medical world. Together with our supporters, we are transforming the future of patient care.

In the mid-2000s, Joseph P. Mathew, MD, MHSc, MBA, Jerry Reves, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology, and current chairman of Duke Anesthesiology, had the foresight to launch a philanthropic program within the Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Division to provide bridge funding for research and endowed professorships. He appointed Elizabeth Perez, RN, BSN, as director of strategic planning and development. Under the leadership and support of Mathew and former department chairman and Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic president, Mark F. Newman, MD, Merel H. Harmel Professor of Anesthesiology, this program soon became a department-wide initiative and became known as the Duke DREAM Campaign.

As the program grew, a team of advisors was established to serve as mentors, ambassadors, and supporters of Duke Anesthesiology’s philanthropic initiatives. Rebecca Hinshaw, RN, served as the campaign’s first advisory board chair. Elizabeth Allardice, a passionate philanthropist and prominent realtor in the Triangle, served as the campaign board’s chairwoman. Like many DREAM Campaign supporters, Allardice is a member of the local community who believes in the power the DREAM Campaign has to positively impact patients’ health and quality of life. Other DREAM Campaign supporters include the department’s faculty, staff and alumni.

The purpose of the DREAM Campaign is to raise philanthropic support for research initiatives focused on improving patient outcome, pain management, and quality of life, as well as to establish endowed professorships. Rather than depending solely on extramural agencies to support essential programs within the department, we place power in the hands of our community. One of our primary objectives is to educate the public on the importance of perioperative research and highlight the influential role the anesthesiologist plays in the medical arena.

Whether you are …

  • An alumnus or alumna whose career blossomed at Duke
  • A current or former faculty member who was given dedicated time in the laboratory to make critical scientific discoveries
  • A member of our community who relies on Duke to deliver cutting-edge techniques and top-notch clinical care to you and/or your loved ones

… chances are Duke Anesthesiology’s research program has positively impacted your life.

  • Establish endowed professorships to invest in world-class faculty who would, in turn, secure funding from the National Institutes of Health. Interest dollars from these endowments are to be used to support investigator salaries and provide them with the time and resources necessary to develop research programs.
  • Raise funds to support research through the DREAM Innovation Grant, known as DIG.
  • Establish philanthropic support as a long-term mechanism of limiting the adverse consequences of cyclical federal funding.

Since our inception, we have encouraged innovative research ideas and programs with the capacity to generate independent federal funding. The DREAM Campaign provides support to Duke Anesthesiology in two primary ways: endowed professorships and internal grants.

Endowed professorships, or endowed chairs, are the most prestigious faculty appointments at Duke University Medical Center made possible by generous individuals and/or families who want to invest in Duke’s legacy of excellence and create a partnership with the department to work toward a brighter tomorrow. Endowed professorships are awarded to the department’s most distinguished physician-scientists or used to recruit the best and brightest individuals who have exhibited both outstanding achievement and strong potential for future accomplishment. Those who choose to establish an endowed chair are given the honor of naming it after an individual of their choice.

“Duke Anesthesiology has a number of endowed chairs,” explains former chair and DREAM Executive Board member, Joseph “Jerry” Reves, MD. “That’s what sustains the department through the years . . . to have that sort of support and effort to strengthen the fundamental wherewithal of the academic department.” It was the legacy of Dr. Reves that inspired the DREAM Campaign’s first philanthropic initiative: The Jerry Reves Professorship Campaign. In 2011, the DREAM team celebrated the naming of Dr. Mathew as the first Jerry Reves, MD, Professor of Cardiac Anesthesiology.

In 2012, we were proud to announce the Joannes H. Karis Professorship, named in honor of the legacy of one of Duke Anesthesiology’s most distinguished former faculty. The Karis Professorship has been made possible through the generous donations of the Karis family. Like the Jerry Reves Professorship, this endowment is used as a means to attract new world-class faculty to Duke Anesthesiology for generations to come.

At Duke University, the cost of funding a professorship is $2.5 million. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to create a permanent legacy in honor of a mentor or a loved one.

Duke Anesthesiology would like to sincerely thank our valued donors who have given to the Duke DREAM Campaign over the years.

* Donated 3+ Years
† Donated $1,000+

Dr. Jonathan Jay Aarons
Dr. John Aladj
Alcoa Foundation
Alfred Williams and Company †
Drs. Aaron and Genevieve Ali *†
Ms. Elizabeth Allardice *†
Dr. Mike Alvis *†
Mr. and Mrs. James I. Anthony, Jr. *†
Dr. and Mrs. Solomon Aronson †
Mr. Vincent Asaro
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ashworth
Ms. Jeanne M. Aufiero
Dr. David Scott Bacon and Mrs. Victoria E. Taub
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Baker, Jr. †
Dr. Robert Hans A. Ballin
Ms. Charlotte E. Banks
Dr. Paul G. Barash *†
Dr. Raquel R. Bartz
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bell
Dr. Peter B. Bennett †
Dr. Elliott Bennett-Guerrero and Mrs. Karin Bagan *†
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Berger
Dr. Miles Berger
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Francis Bergh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boch
Ms. Sharon P. Bode
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boiar
Bojangles †
Dr. Cecil O. Borel *†
Mr. and Mrs. John Borrelli *†
Dr. Helen Hall Bosse
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick O. Bowman
Dr. Randall P. Brewer *†
Ms. Laura B. Bromhal
Mr. Paul Bronson
Mr. and Mrs. Hay G. Brown
Dr. Thomas Buchheit *
Dr. John D. Buckwalter and Dr. Esther Poza †
Dr. William Paul Bundschuh
Dr. and Mrs. Robert McKinnon Califf
Mrs. Parker N. Call
Dr. John David Campbell
Dr. Enrico M. Camporesi †
Dr. and Mrs. John Cann
Dr. Christopher W. Cary
Dr. and Mrs. James Caswell
Ms. Margaret Cathcart
Mr. Willard L. Causey Jr
Dr. Hsiupei Chen
Mr. H. Thomas Chestnut
Dr. James J. Chien and Dr. Michelle W. Lau *
Dr. and Mrs. James Michael Chimiak *
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Chou †
UI Chung
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Church
Clancy and Theys †
Mr. Tim Clancy *†
Dr. Andrea C. Clark *
Dr. Carrie Clarke and Mr. Robert Clarke *†
Dr. Thomas H. Collawn *
Drs. William and Paula Corkey
Dr. Joseph Corless †
Dr. Brian Alan Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Craig
Dr. George W. Crane, Jr.
Drs. Steven and Anna Lisa Crowley
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Cumbie
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Davis
Dr. Guy DeLisle Dear
Ms. Sabrina S. Deaver *†
Dr. Sheryl Sami Dickman
Ms. Joanne Doberstein
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Doughton *†
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Drinkard †
Mr. and Mrs. D. St. Pierre DuBose, Jr.
Mr. Solis Dudnick
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Dwane †
Ms. Sharon Elias †
Mrs. Catherine D. Ellington
Mr. John E. Ellis
Ms. Janis Ernst
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ervin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Frederick Evans *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Farrell †
Dr. Michael Fierro
Mrs. Margaret Fikrig †
Mr. Robert Finkelstein
Ms. Virginia D. Finley
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Fister †
Dr. Ellen M. Flanagan *†
Dr. and Mrs. Paolo Flezzani *
Mr. James Forrest †
Dr. Elisabeth J. Fox *
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frank
Dr. Mark Alan Frankel
Dr. Cory Furse
Dr. Angelo V. Gagliano *†
Mr. Alan Gaines
Dr. Tong Joo Gan *†
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Darcy George *†
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Allen Gerhardt *†
Mr. Eugene Gilbert
Dr. Richard Allen Gillespie
Dr. and Mrs. Peter S. Glass
Ms. Susan Goble
Dr. Josef P. Grabmayer *†
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Grant
Dr. William J. Greeley and Ms. Cece M. Fortune-Greeley *†
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Greenfield, Jr.
Ms. Betty Grenda
Drs. James and Katherine Grichnik *
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Charley Griggs
Dr. Alina and Mr. Sorin Grigore *†
Dr. Hilary P. Grocott and Ms. Shivaun N. Berg †
Ms. Jane Guhl
Dr. Nicolas Guillard †
Dr. Dhanesh Gupta †
Ms. Marilyn T. Guthrie
Mr. Donald A. Haile
Halifax Anesthesiology Associates *
Dr. and Mrs. Jon Halling
Dr. and Mrs. H. David Hardman
Drs. Merel Harmel and Ernestine Friedl *†
Ms. Tara L. Harris, Lowenhupt Global Advisors LLC †
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Harrison, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Michael Hasson *
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Heath *†
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Heine
Dr. and Mrs. Scott E. Helsley
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Hendricks
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Ellis Hill *†
Mrs. Rebecca Hinshaw †
Dr. Lewis Herbert Hogge, Jr.
Dr. Scott Howell and Mrs. D. Ann Taylor
Dr. Billy Huh and Dr. Sabina M. Lee
Mr. Clarence Hundley
Dr. Richard Ing
Dr. Homer L. Isbell
Dr. James R. Jacobs
Dr. Paul M. Jaklitsch and Mrs. Aiki N. Burdett *
Dr. and Mrs. Luke James *†
Dr. Najmi Jarwala †
Dr. Ru-Rong Ji
Mr. Stephen Johnson
Johnson and Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Jones
Dr. Cheryl Jones
Dr. and Mrs. David Joseph
Dr. and Mrs. Joannes H. Karis *†
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Karis *†
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Kearby
Ms. Anne Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Keifer
Mrs. Carlton Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kendrick
Dr. Christopher M. Kerr and Mrs. Patricia A. Kerr *
Drs. George P. King II and Pamela Y. Thomas-King
Dr. Kathryn King and Mr. Douglas King *
Mr. and Mrs. Percival King *
Dr. Jerry L. Kirchner *†
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Klein *†
The Klurfeld Family
Drs. Michael and Nancy Knudsen †
Ms. Suzanne H. Koenigsberg
Mr. Stanley Kritzik
Dr. Catherine Kuhn *†
Ms. Jaime Kulow †
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kushins *†
Mr. and Mrs. Madan M. Kwatra
Mr. and Mrs. Na T. Lao
Dr. George D. Lappas †
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Henry Lasecki *†
Dr. Gary W. Latson
Ms. Esther Lederman
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Leone *
Drs. Jerrold Levy and Maria Arias *†

Dr. Labrini C. Liakonis *†
Ms. Shelli P. Lieberman *†
Ms. Carol Lipman Redding
Dr. Steve F. Lipson *†
Mrs. Anne Lloyd *†
Drs. David and Mary Lee Howell Lobach
Drs. Wilhelm Lombard and Charlotte Schnetler
Dr. and Mrs. Walker A. Long *
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Lubarsky †
Dr. Andrew G. Lutz *†
Drs. G. B. MacKensen and Jutta von Stieglitz *†
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Evan Malak *
Dr. Elizabeth Malinzak
Mr. Reginald S. Mapson and Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Marcilliat
Martin Marietta Materials *†
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan B. Mark *†
Dr. and Mrs. Gavin Martin
Mr. Samuel Mathan †
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Mathew *†
McClintock and Associates, Brash Ventures, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John P. McConnell *†
Ms. Catherine McConnell †
Drs. David L. McDonagh and Anne Tuveson *†
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. McLeskey *
Dr. Kevin McNeilly *†
Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Surgery
Ms. Leila Melvin
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Michelotti
Dr. James Lloyd Michener and Ms. Gwyn Murphey
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Miller *†
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Moon *†
Dr. Eugene W. Moretti *†
Morgan Keegan and Company †
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Morozowich *†
Dr. and Mrs. John Vincent Morreale
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Morton
Dr. Holly A. Muir *†
Dr. Stephen Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Newman
Mrs. Gloria R. Newman *†
Dr. Alina Nicoara
Dr. Nathaniel P. Nonoy and Dr. Julie L. Adams *
Dr. James F. O’Neill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Offutt
Dr. Ronald Osborn
Dr. Wendy Pabich
Mr. Anthony Pagedas
Dr. John V. Parham, Jr. *†
Dr. and Mrs. Wulf D. Paschen *†
Ms. Helen M. Pavilonis *†
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pendergraph
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Perez *†
Dr. Cathleen L. Peterson Layne
Dr. Ann M. Pflugrath *†
Dr. Keith Norris Phillippi *
Ms. Eleanor Platt
Ms. Laurie Platt
Dr. and Mrs. Mihai V. Podgoreanu
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Pollizzi *
Mr. James G. Poole III
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Quinn, Jr. *†
Dr. Nathan Marc Rachman *
Dr. Atif Raja
Mr. Constantine P. Ralli
Dr. Matthew Ranson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ray
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ray
Mrs. Anne M. Ray
Realstar Management, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Redick *†
Dr. Scott Reeves †
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reid
Dr. Christina Reiter
Dr. Teodulo Remandaban
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Reves *†
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rigsbee
Mr. and Mrs. N. Russell Roberson, Jr.
Mr. Anthony M. Roche
Ms. Lucille Rosenberg
Dr. Allison K. Ross
Dr. Michael W. Russell
Mr. Joseph A. Rybicki *†
Mrs. Agnes Sabiston †
Dr. Iaian Sanderson †
Dr. Kenneth Sauve
Dr. Robert Mitchell Savage
Dr. Randall M. Schell *
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Schinderle *†
Dr. Adam J. Schow
Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Schulman *†
Dr. Debra A. Schwinn and Dr. Robert H. M. Gerstmyer †
Ms. Miriam Seidman
Dr. and Mrs. Allan B. Shang
Mrs. Kathryn J. Shaw
Dr. Paul R. Shook *†
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Shuping, Jr.
Ms. Jacqueline Sickles
Dr. Nikolaos J. Skubas
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Freeman Slaughter †
Dr. Ralph Snyderman *†
Society for the Advancement of Blood Management
Dr. Donat R. Spahn †
Dr. and Mrs. William Francis Spillane
Dr. Jennifer Sposito
Dr. Joseph W. St. Geme III and Ms. Lynn White
Drs. Mark Stafford-Smith and Gillian Aylward *†
Dr. Thomas E. Stanley III and The Reverend Ashley Crowder Stanley *†
Dr. Susan Steele †
Mr. Steve Steff †
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Stewart *†
Ms. Sarah L. Stogner *
Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Nancy Strehlow *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Suddreth
Dr. Madhav Swaminathan *
Dr. Timothy E. Sweeney
Dr. Ingeborg H. Talton
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Tanger
Ms. Myra Taxman
Ms. Leah Temkin
Col. and Mrs. James M. Temo *†
Dr. David Richard Theil †
Dr. Christopher A. Thunberg
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey L. Tippett
Ms. Laraine D. Tuck
Dr. and Mrs. Harry T. Tully
Dr. John A. Ulatowski
Dr. Paul A. Vadnais
Dr. Gijsbertus F. Van Staveren and Ms. Cindi J. Edwards *
Mrs. Leila T. Veasey
Ms. Sylvia G. Venturini
VES Junior Class
Mr. Charles Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Karl M. von der Heyden
Dr. and Mrs. Anil M. Vyas *
Wachovia Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner *†
Dr. Kerri Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Waller
Dr. Natalie Wang
Dr. Xueyuan Wang
Dr. and Mrs. David S. Warner *†
Dr. Deryl Hart Warner *
Mr. and Mrs. Alvis Warren
Dr. Gregory J. Waters *
Dr. Richard Baldwin Watson
Ms. Laura Webb
The Weingarten Family †
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Weitzner *†
Dr. and Mrs. Ian Welsby *†
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Welsh
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Wiksten *†
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henry Wilkins
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Willett
Dr. McKim Williams
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jack Williams
Mrs. James R. Willis
Willowhaven Women’s Golf Association
Dr. Ruby L. Wilson
Dr. William A. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wolfe *†
Dr. Richard Lee Wolman *†
Dr. Matthew Wood *
Mr. David R. Work
Dr. David Wright †
M. Jaimie Yamat
Ms. Mary Young
Mr. Chris Young
Dr. Daniel Jude Yousif
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Zucker
Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman †

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