DREAM Innovation Grant (DIG) Recipients

2022 DIG Recipients
Lisa M. Einhorn, MD – 2022

Pediatric Pain Optimization After Tonsillectomy: A Randomized Double Blind Methadone Pilot Study

Shad B. Smith, PhD – 2022

Mechanisms of Genetic Regulation of Nociception and Injury Resilience by Mras

Michael Devinney, MD, PhD – 2021

Proteomic Determination of Neuroinflammation in Postoperative Delirium

Heath Gasier, PhD – 2021

Heme Oxygenase-1 Regulation of Skeletal Muscle Inflammation and Mitochondrial Fitness in Sarcopenic Obesity

Marie-Louise Meng, MD – 2021

Myocardial Dysfunction and Cardiac Metabolism in Preeclampsia

Andrey V. Bortsov, MD, PhD – 2020

Focused Optimization of Novel Nav1.7 Inhibitors

Katherine Martucci, PhD – 2020

A Human Neuroimaging Investigation of the Imbalanced Spinal Cord in Fibromyalgia

Mary Yurashevich, MD, MPH – 2020

The Role of Cerebrospinal and Serum Inflammatory Biomarkers in Predicting Perinatal Depression and Persistent Pain After Cesarean Delivery

Andrea G. Nackley, PhD – 2019

A Molecular Exploration into Comorbid Chronic Pain and Obesity

Huaxin Sheng, MD – 2019

Effect of Neuronal Stimulation in Enhancing Injured Spinal Cord Repair

John Whittle, MBBS, MD, FHEA, FRCA, FFICM – 2019

Can a Structured Exercise Intervention Modulate the Vagal Inflammatory Response in High-Risk Surgical Patients?

Qing Ma, MD – 2018

The Role of Sirtuin-3 in Neuroinflammation and Perioperative Cerebral Injury

Jamie Privratsky, MD, PhD – 2018

The Role of Dendritic Cells in Acute Kidney Injury and Renal Healing

Kamrouz Ghadimi, MD – 2017

Role of Sirtuins in Platelet Aging and Perioperative Thrombocytopenia after Mechanical Circulatory Support

Ian Welsby, MB BS – 2017

Red Cell Rejuvenation for Optimal Tissue Oxygen Delivery

Anne D. Cherry, MD – 2016

Interface of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Inflammation in Heterotopic Mouse Heart Transplant

Ulrike Hoffmann, MD, PhD – 2016

Argon as a Potential Therapeutic in Stroke; Effects on Oxygen Utilization and Cerebral Blood Flow Response after Cortical Spreading Depression and Injury Depolarizations

Niccolò Terrando, PhD – 2016

The Systemic Milieu and its Role in Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction

Terrence K. Allen, MBBS – 2015

The Role of Progestins and PGRMC1 in Inflammation-Induced Fetal Membrane Weakening

Atilio Barbeito, MD, MPH – 2015

Using Health Information Technology to Bridge the Quality Gap in Anesthesiology

Jennifer E. Dominguez, MD, MHS – 2015

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pregnancy: Development of a Pregnancy-Specific Screening Tool

Boyi Liu, PhD – 2015

Investigating Mechanisms Underlying Pathological Itch Conditions

Miles Berger, MD, PhD – 2014

Determination of the Role of Alzheimer’s Disease Pathways in Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction

Thomas Van de Ven, MD, PhD – 2014

The role of FXR, TGR5 and the Bile Acid Pathway in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Post-Nerve Injury Pain

Zhiquan Zhang, PhD – 2014

Sirtuin-3 Modulation of Acetylation in the Treatment of Perioperative Myocardial Reperfusion Injury

Miklos Kertai, MD, PhD – 2013

Pharmacogenomics of β-blockers: Implication for Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation

Michael Manning, MD, PhD – 2013

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Induced Inflammatory Changes in the Atrial Wall: The Novel Role for Cardiac Chymase produced Angiotensin II in the Development of Atrial Fibrillation

Steve Melton, MD – 2013

Neurointerventional Regional Anesthesia to Improve Hand Rehabilitation in Stroke

Karthik Raghunathan, MD, MPH – 2013

Comparative effectiveness in Perioperative and Critical Care Medicine: Crystalloid Fluid Therapy

Jorn A. Karhausen, MD – 2012

Determinants of Intestinal Epithelial Wound Healing

Mihai V. Podgoreanu, MD – 2012

Elucidating Adaptive Mechanisms of Perioperative Cardioprotection Following Ischemia-reperfusion in Hibernating Arctic Ground Squirrels

Huaxin Sheng, MD – 2012

Effect of an Mn-porphyrin in Neuropathic Pain

Michael “Luke” James, MD – 2011

Gender-based Differences in Genetic Expression after Acute Brain Injury in Mice

Joseph P. Mathew, MD – 2011

Functional Neuroimaging to Assess Cognitive Function after Cardiac Surgery

Wei Yang, PhD, FAHA – 2011

Role of SUMO2/3 Conjugation Pathway in Cerebral Ischemia/Stroke

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